Konzert: Lymland (experimental-instrumental, Schweden)


experimental instrumental pop minimalism, Konzert und Live Photo Show

Built up by organs, guitars, buzzing, humming and clever melodies, the Swedish duo Lymland has created a world on their own. A movement between harmony and discord.

Lymland is a band from Malmö, playing instrumental music. Tilman Dominka is a photographer from Germany. Together they are touring with a slide show set, accompanied by music, this autumn.  
Lymland is a duet. Built up by synthesizers, tape echoes and guitars they create a world of their own, releasing five records since their debut album Ensamtidsroman (2012).  Tilman Dominka takes photographs presented on his website Seen and not seen. 
He has had several exhibitions in Germany and has also worked with live visuals for bands, such as Solander.  
Lymlands latest album Drömfångar was released in 2022 with artwork from Tilman Dominka.
The collaboration takes new audiovisual levels with this upcoming live performance.





14 Okt 2023


19:30 - 23:00

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